Common Questions about Professional Repiping in Edmonds

professional repiping in EdmondsIf you’re considering professional repiping in Edmonds, it’s a relatively standard service. Two common questions homeowners have about it is when it’s needed and how it’s carried out. 

Is whole-house repiping always necessary?

Fortunately, whole-house professional repiping isn’t always the best solution. In some cases, you’ll be able to replace a single section to see results. However, a full repipe job may be necessary in some situations. If all your piping is made from lead that’s deteriorating, replacing just one area will not suffice. Chronic leaks from multiple places can also lead to whole-house repiping. 

How does age factor in?

The age of your current pipes can be a big contributing factor. Older pipes tend to leak and corrode more often than newer pipes, which increase the chances of system failure. Additionally, older homes are more likely to have lead, polybutylene or galvanized steel pipes; these materials are no longer considered safe and should be replaced.

What type of piping is best?

Every situation is different, so you’ll need a professional repiping contractor to provide specific guidance. The best solution for you will depend on local temperature trends and pricing. Some of the most common options today include chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, copper, and cross-linked polyethylene. 

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